HCS Anglia - Business server management - Based in Diss, Norfolk

Business server management

Your office probably relies on more than one computer to get work done. For managing tasks across all of your company's PCs, consider using a small business server. Initially, shared storage space would be the main benefit of this central hub, and you'd have more backup options. And as your company's needs grow, you could use your server to, help manage the everyday tasks such as your emails through microsoft exchange and many other services.

HCS Anglia have been providing businesses with servers and full management packages for the past 18 years and are fully commited to ensure they run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We know the the windows small business server package inside out and can setup and maintain it for any business that requires it. We can also offer networking services to help intergrate the existing computers into a business network.

Please contact for further infromation on the business server & management services we can offer.